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could it be that using empirical evidence or “data” instead of listening to actual people’s experiences is the problem? or like, an extreme version of that?

hmm this might be it?

apparently advocating for the use of sources is tantamount to upholding white supremacy in some circles

late night questioning post:

so apparently there is a movement among some radical groups where they believe that using empirical evidence or sources or real life truth is oppressive and wrong?

i talked about this with seatunt and a little with another friend and i just don’t really understand it at all?


Sebastian Stan in The Covenant.

holy jesus

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just learned in our practicum class that “the longer you do something, the better you are at it”

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c. 1920 Suffrage FlyerMissouri Historical Society Collections


c. 1920 
Suffrage Flyer
Missouri Historical Society Collections

The 57 Best Conspiracy Theories I Heard At New Jersey's 55th Annual UFO Conference